“Awakening” is an angel made of wood, metal, wire, copper piping and found objects. She is approximately 8 feet tall and has a wingspan of 4 feet. I designed her as my tribute to turning 40 years old. For some reason I was intrigued to create something – her – to represent where I was in my thinking at that given time.

She represents the process of beginning to fly however her feet are bound to the earth keeping her from truly soaring.

Her right shoulder contains a hour glass assembled with corroding metal and a picture of me and my sister when we were very small. The corrosion of time is inevitable and necessary as part of the evolution of our inner being.

Her left shoulder contains a heart bound by barbed wire and enveloped in pictures of family and friends. Love is not without pain.

Her abdomen contains an empty nest. Its elegant weaving of twigs and branches adorned with lustrous wire and glass beads. There is a sad thing about our children growing but it is not without a beauty as we can know that while we may have faltered along the way, our attempt at parenting resulted in tiny little nubs of wings sprouting from their shoulders. It is my hope that at my next milestone sculpture, those nubs will have matured to magnificent soaring wings.

Her legs are bound by wire to the base as we are not truly free to fly as we may wish. I am bound by good things such as family and children and pets and our home that my husband and I have created, eliminating some of our ability to spontaneously soar. This we chose and we accept. But it is the ‘bad’ things that bind us that “Awakening” is trying to escape from. It is the continual cycle of going to a job day in and day out that does not feed your soul….to work for a retirement that by the time you get there, IF you get there, you may find yourself incapacitated and unable to enjoy it. It is about escaping the zombie-like state of the worker ants that follow one another over the same path, the same hills, and the same valleys to accomplish what? Another pass at that same belabored trail? I see the ants targeting age 65 or 70 or whatever our government deemed as the magic retirement age to get that now very questionable ‘prize’ of social security. This has become the milestone to BEGIN living for so many. My greatest fear in life: I will stay an ant.
Awakening SculptureWood, Metal, Clay, Wire, Copper Pipe, Found Objects Clay Face with found object Halo Heart wrapped in barbed wire Found Nest intertwined with handcrafted beads and colored threads"Enigma of Motherly Love. Mourning Happy Endings. Craving New Beginnings. Raging Pains, Regrets, Sadness lurking in the shadows... waiting to assault passionate dreams, hopes, prayers. Empty Nest Patiently Anticipating. "Intricately Bound by the web of mortal realities...Escape Impossible.... Pullling... stretching the arteries that connect us... Wings Unfolding...Arms Fading... Revealing the truth... my truth... through half opened doors....Deep Inside "Civilized Life continues below... a fascinating view. The ant farm dilemma... Some Living....Others simply surviving. Sleepwalkers...one eye open...ignoring. So lifelike... so convincing...A mediocre attempt at life... I do not want to be an ant." "Looking Back... Straining to dust off Memories....once living. Where was I? It is who I am. Who I am becoming. The clock never stops... the open grave waits... a race... finish line unknown."
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